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Always Green Turf AZ |Mesa-AZ|(480) 571 0285

Title: Myths as well as Realities About Artificial Turf: Dispelling Common Misunderstandings


In recent years, artificial turf, generally referred to as astro turf or fake grass, has obtained immense appeal as an alternative to natural lawn. It’s not a surprise, thinking about the countless benefits it uses, such as water preservation, reduced maintenance, as well as year-round environment-friendly looks. Nonetheless, with its climbing popularity, a number of myths and also false impressions have actually likewise sprung up, clouding people’s understanding of this cutting-edge landscaping remedy. In this short article, we’ll debunk a few of one of the most usual myths surrounding artificial turf, backed by understandings from Always Environment-friendly Lawn AZ, a reputable provider of artificial turf remedies.

Misconception 1: Artificial Turf Looks Phony as well as Unappealing

Reality: Among one of the most substantial innovations in artificial turf technology is its amazing resemblance to natural turf. Top notch artificial turf products currently include a mix of blade shapes, colors, and also appearances that closely mimic the actual point. Always Green Grass AZ, a relied on source for artificial turf, offers a variety of options that duplicate the lush appearance of natural turf, ensuring a visually attractive and natural-looking landscape.

Misconception 2: Artificial Turf is Damaging to the Setting

Fact: Artificial turf is in fact an environmentally friendly option. Unlike natural yard that needs routine watering as well as maintenance, artificial turf saves water as well as decreases the requirement for hazardous pesticides and also plant foods. In addition, most modern artificial turf is made from recyclable materials, making it an eco-conscious option. Always Eco-friendly Lawn AZ takes satisfaction in providing green alternatives that add to a greener world.

Myth 3: Artificial Turf Gets Also Hot in the Sun

Truth: While it’s true that artificial turf can come to be warm under straight sunshine, developments in technology have resolved this problem. Always Environment-friendly Lawn AZ supplies turf items with built-in heat-reducing features, such as reflective materials that help dissipate warm better. In addition, infill products like silica sand aid dissipate warmth and also keep the grass’s surface area temperature comfortable for numerous activities.

Myth 4: Artificial Turf Needs High Maintenance

Reality: Among the key factors home owners go with artificial turf is its low maintenance demands. Unlike natural grass, which requires normal mowing, watering, and also feeding, artificial turf needs very little upkeep. It does not require mowing, as well as periodic rinsing or brushing is usually adequate to keep its appearance. Always Environment-friendly Grass AZ provides advice on basic upkeep techniques that ensure your artificial turf stays in immaculate condition.

Myth 5: Artificial Turf is Just Ideal for Sports Fields

Reality: While artificial turf certainly got popularity on sporting activities fields, it has because transcended its preliminary function. Today, it’s extensively made use of for property grass, commercial landscapes, animal areas, and also roof yards. Always Eco-friendly Turf AZ gives a diverse series of artificial turf options tailored to different applications, permitting you to delight in the benefits of synthetic grass regardless of your space or requirements.


Resolving these typical myths about artificial turf reveals real potential and also advantages of this innovative landscape design solution. Always Green Grass AZ stands as a testament to the developments in artificial turf modern technology, using a range of premium, natural-looking, and eco-friendly choices that debunk these mistaken beliefs. By accepting artificial turf, you can take pleasure in a gorgeous, low-maintenance, as well as eco-conscious landscape year-round.

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Always Green Turf AZ |Mesa-AZ|(480) 571 0285 Always Green Turf AZ |Mesa-AZ|(480) 571 0285 Always Green Turf AZ |Mesa-AZ|(480) 571 0285 Always Green Turf AZ |Mesa-AZ|(480) 571 0285 Always Green Turf AZ |Mesa-AZ|(480) 571 0285
Always Green Turf AZ |Mesa-AZ|(480) 571 0285
Always Green Turf AZ

204 S Mesa Dr
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